MMO Glider D3 Bot

With the release of the new Diablo 3 game there is lots to do in the game and not enough time. That’s where our D3 bot comes in handy! If you are familiar with our bots, then you know that our bots are constantly updated and unlimited support on the afkbot forums. We have also previously released mmo glider bots for world of warcraft, Rift online, Star Wars the Old Republic and now the D3 bot. We are also working on releasing a Guild Wars 2 Bot in the near future, but for now we are perfecting the mmo glider D3 Bot.

D3 Bot Features

The Diablo 3 bot is in the first stages of development, but already has many very useful features that will make your character loads of gold and money.

Leveling Characters: The bot has different profiles where your character will go do a certain part of an act in the game and then leave the game and start a new game repeat this process until you want it to stop. You can level every character to level 60 this way 100% automated. Imagine having a lvl 60 of every class in the game!

Paragon Levels: The new patch in Diablo 3 introduced the new paragon levels feature. This adds another 100 levels once you hit lvl 60 and take forever to level up. With our diablo 3 bot you can set up your character to farm inferno and gain paragon levels, while also getting gold and gear! Paragon adds magic find, which helps you find better gear, so this is very important to your character.

Gold Farming: Put your character in all gold find gear and set it up to farm gold! The bot can farm millions of gold a day and all completely automated. You can go to work and come home to your character having tons more gold.

Making Real Money: Diablo 3 is the first game to introduce a system where you are able to sell diablo 3 items for real money! The MMO Glider bot can be used to grind inferno for gear and you can then sell that gear for real money. You can pay the price of the bot off with a couple days of farming gear and then make even more money for yourself to enjoy! If you use bots to make real money, then I would suggest running multiple accounts for even more profits.

Gear Grinding: The most important thing in Diablo 3 is the gear. Without good gear your character won’t be able to do inferno at all. With the mmo glider d3 bot you can set up your character to look for specific gear types and it will save them in your bank for you. Imagine coming home and your bank is completely full of rares and legendary items! With our d3 bot you will be the richest player in the game.

If you are interested in trying the mmo glider d3 bot, then try out our 99 cent trial to see if our bot is right for you.

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