MMO Glider WoW Bot

Use our MMO Glider wow bot to automate game play in the World of Warcraft. People use our bots to farm gold, level characters, level professions, farm ore and herbs, do battleground to gain honor, pvp and much more. There is so much that the mmo glider wow bot can do and it all comes at a low monthly fee.

Our glider wow bot is constantly updated and has unlimited forum support for those errors that may occur or to help you get your bot running. Our bot is very quickly updated for new expansions and is the only working bot left on the market. Every other bot has been shut down or is no longer being updated and can’t work with the game.

What our wow bot can do:

Gold Farming and grinding

There are many ways to make gold in the World of Warcraft, but lets face it, they are all boring and mindless and gold is necessary to have in wow or you will not be able to progress with your character. Having gold in wow is like having money in real life. Our glider bot can farm gold in a number of different ways, for example, the bot can be set up the kill monsters over and over in certain areas and pick up any valuable loot and gold that may drop. Other ways you may farm gold with our wow bot is by setting up our bot to fly around and gather herbs and ore and then selling the stacks on the Auction House. The bot is fully automated and will make you loads of gold any time you want it to.

Leveling characters and doing quests

It used to be that bots were only capable of leveling by grinding monsters over and over and this became suspicious to other players and people started getting banned for using the wow bots, but now our glider bot is able to do quests and look completely natural while leveling your characters up. Not only that but you make more gold and get more experience from doing quests also. Just grinding the same monsters over and over is never a good way to level and our wow bot has over come this. With a couple clicks of your mouse, your character can be 100% automated leveling while you do other things with your time. No one likes leveling a bunch of characters over and over.

PVP and Battlegrounds

Throughout the game people like to do battlegrounds and pvp for fun, but it is hard to even match up with the other players when your gear isn’t updated for pvp. By using the wow bot, you can automate the process of doing battlegrounds and gain honor throughout the day without wasting any of your time. Get upgraded pvp gear and own it up in the battlegrounds.

We currently offer a 99 cent trial for those who would like to get a feel for how our wow bot works and what it can do.

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