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MMO Glider has been making bots for popular mmo games for over 5 years now. Our bots are constantly updated and our customers receive unlimited support in our forums. If you are looking for an mmo bot, then mmo glider is the bot for you. We currently are the best bot on the market and the only bot that offers support to our customers.

We currently offer bots for a number of games. We will review each of our mmo bots below with a brief description of what they can do.

World of Warcraft Bot

Our world of warcraft bot is our most popular mmo bot. We are known world wide for the mmo glider bot and are constantly growing. Our wow bot is used to farm gold, level characters, use flying mounts, gather herbs and ore, level professions, pvp, battlegrounds and best of all do quests. You won’t be disappointed with out wow bot. We offer a 99 cent trial for people who want to try our wow bot out.

Rift Game Bot

Rift is not as popular of a game as world of warcraft, but we still keep our bot up to date and working with new patches and game updates. The Rift Glider bot can level characters, farm gear, grind pvp and much more. The grind from 1 to 50 in Rift is very time consuming, so the bot helps out a lot. If you would like to try our Rift Bot, you can find a 99 cent trial on our website.

Star Wars the Old Republic Bot

Our SWTOR Bot is a very new release. With the game just coming out, we are doing our best to keep our swtor bot up to date with the constant updates in the game. The glider bot can help you in the game by leveling characters, farming currency, crafting, quests and more. It can be very boring to have to level in this game and the levels drag out much longer than other MMO games.

Diablo 3 Glider Bot

The diablo bot is the newest of our bot releases, but is also one of our more popular bots. The diablo 3 bot can level, farm gold, level paragon levels and farm for good gear. The great thing about diablo 3 is that you can make real money from selling your gear and gold, so using our d3 bot pays for itself. If you want to maximize your profit, you can even get multiple diablo 3 accounts and use bots on them all at once!

Recently Diablo 3 added 100 paragon levels, which give you additional stats and magic and gold find. By leveling your paragon up you will get more gold and great gear, which in time will make you more money as well.

We offer a free trial for people who are interested in trying our bot, but are skeptical about purchasing the monthly access. The trial lasts 1 full day of bot access and then will go to monthly access.

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