MMO Glider Bot Replacement

WoW Bots are used to automate game play in the world of warcraft. If you are a busy person and have better things to do than be wasting hours of your time everyday on grinding in world of warcraft, then you probably would benefit from using wow bots.

MMO Glider Bot

One of the first wow bots to get well known was a bot called MMO Glider. This bot was made in the USA and was one of the first to get well known by users of World of Warcraft. If you saw a character in the game grinding the same monsters for hours, then they were probably using the MMO Glider bot. Sadly the owners of this WoW Bot were sued by Blizzard(The Company who owns World of Warcraft). This bot had over 6 million dollars in sales and the owners fought to keep the bot running for years. Eventually Blizzard won the case and MMO Glider was forced to be shut down, leaving everyone who used wow bots to find new bots.

Other Bots

After the shut down of mmo glider, other botting companies started to come up. Eventually thought most of these were also contacted by Blizzard and asked to shut down their bot and if they refused, then they would be sued. After all of these bots have been shut down there is only 1 bot left that will never be shut down. This wow bot is called WoW Mimic and has a free access option.

The reason why the mimic bot will always be running is because the programmers for this bot are from China and cannot be sued. This bot has been running for over 5 years now and is constantly updated. Features of the wow mimic bot include gold farming, grinding gear, grinding herbs and ore, profession leveling, leveling alts, pvp, battlegrounds and much more. The bot is made to look as natural as possible and is rare to get caught using this bot.


Because mmo glider was shut down a couple years ago, the wow mimic bot has become much more advanced than the glider bot ever was. When using the mmo glider bot, you would only be able to grind monsters in specific areas and it required a lot more maintenance. With the mimic bot you can just set up your character to do something and leave your computer to get other things done. If you really want to make a lot of gold, you can also run multiple bots and use them all to rake in the gold.

If you are interested in trying to wow mimic bot, then you can get it at their website for free. This trial for free allows you to see if the bot is right for you before you order monthly. If the bot isn’t right for you, then you can cancel subscription, but keep in mind that it is the only bot left!

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